• Hemicellulase is an enzyme complex useful for the isolation of plant protoplasts, biomass conversion, carbohydrate research, liquid food clarification and cell dissociation. A. niger converts cellulose to glucose via multi-enzymatic hydrolysis of beta-D-1, 4-glucans, xylans and hemicellulosic polymers.
  • Hemicellulase is used often in combination with, glucanase, cellulase or xylanase. It is used foremost as a baking enzyme (in cake mixes) for the enhancement of dough qualities (mechanical handling, stability) and for product optimisation (volume, consistency, storage life)
  • Hemicellulase enzyme is also used for deep-frozen doughs and baked goods, in the production of fruit juice and other beverages, in the production of spirits and in the alcohol industry in general (hemicellulase solubilise the cereal fibrils, which then may be used in fermentation.),in combination with other enzymes in wine production(hemicellulase support the extraction of unwanted substances such as tannins and aromas from the grape skins.)

ASSAY: Up to 1,00,000 IU