Egg White Lysozyme

lysozyme, a natural anti-microbial enzyme. it is recognized for its inhibitory effects against certain bacteria making it particularly important for immune-compromised human that need to boost their resistance to common bacteria.

Lysozyme is a multi-beneficial enzyme with a number of functions, such as antibacterial Properties, anti-inflammatory role, immunity enhancing Properties, increased human morbidity, increased human mortality.

Scientists around the world have been looking for ways to eliminate the routine usage of antibiotics in order to reduce the perceived risk of anti-microbial resistance in human and animal populations.

Microbial lysozyme:

Microbial lysozyme is a kind of lysozyme obtained from a microbial source (e.g. Pichia pastoris). It has the function of broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, enhancing the immunity and repairing injured body tissue, promoting the proliferation of useful bacteria, Bifidobacterium.

Significant characteristics:

  • Strong bactericidal activity. Most effective against Gram positive bacteria such as Streptococci and Staphylococci species.
  • Broad-spectrum action
  • No risk of developing antibiotic resistance
  • Can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria as well.
  • Does not harm the natural flora of the system.
  • Healthy inflammation management- Lysozyme can neutralize some acidic Compounds released during the inflammatory processes.
  • Wound repair support- Lysozymes support phagocytosis, which can aid in wound repair
  • Manage colon health- It may help in managing certain colon infections thereby promoting good colon health.

ASSAY: 20000 IU, 30000 IU, 44,000 IU