Mannanase (Acidic, Alkaline, Neutral)

  • Mannanase is made from excellent strains through liquid submerged fermentation techniques, which has high fermentation enzyme activity. It not only reduces the viscosity of intestinal tract and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrient substances, but also eliminates the interference of β-mannanase in beans towards the absorption of glucose, improves the energy digestibility of soybean meal greatly and increases economic performance
  • Decompose mannan into mannan oligosaccharides, improve animal’s immunity and reduce the mortality rate of animal.
  • Degrade anti-nutritional factors in the feed, promote nutrient substance digestion and absorption.
  • Improve feed quality and reduce feed cost.
  • Narrow the differences between different batches of raw materials, improve product competitiveness.

ASSAY: Up to 10,000 IU