• Pepsin is one of the principal protein degrading or proteolytic enzymes in the digestive system.
  • During the process of digestion, Pepsin acts on the complex dietary protein and breaks up into peptides and amino acids which can be readily absorbed by the intestinal lining.
  • Pepsin helps in digestive disturbance in general and as a result of impaired production of gastric juice. It acts as an adjunct in the treatment of anaemic conditions, especially during slimming diet when protein intake increases.
  • It is used as research tool in protein analysis and as digestive syrup in heart burn, acid indigestion and sour stomach.
  • It is also used in tablets for increasing appetite and in the preparation of cheese and other protein-containing foods.

ASSAY: 1:3000 NF, 1:10000 NF & 1:15000 NF
Source : Porcine & Bovine