• Transglutaminase is naturally present in the majority of animal tissues and body fluids, and is involved in various biological processes.
  • This enzyme acts only on proteins by catalyzing reactions in the formation of covalent bonds between a carboxylamide group of the lateral chain on a Glutamine residue (Gln) and an amino group of the lateral chain of a Lysine.These bonds may be formed between proteins of distinct types and origin, such as: caseins, myosins, soya globulins, glutens, actins etc.
  • The use of Transglutaminase in meat and fish preparations helps to improve firmness, elasticity, viscosity, thermo-stability and liquid retention capacities. This enzyme may be used in all types of meat and fish.
  • In dairy products, Transglutaminase works by increasing the cheese yield and improving the texture in full-fat and skimmed yoghurt, so reducing costs.

ASSAY:120 IU,240 IU