Meteobate AC (Acid Protease)

    Meteobate AC is a fungal acid protease leather bating enzyme to be used in leather beam-house processes. Meteobate AC is specially designed for bating of hides and skins already pickled or tanned by either chrome or vegetable-synthetic methods. Meteobate AC finds its application in tanneries processing long stored, pickled wet blue or vegetable synthetic crust stock requiring further bating treatment. It is particularly useful for bating of partially chrome-tanned leather for manufacturing of good quality garment leather. It specifically removes folds and creases in the pickled or tanned stocks. It can also be used for bating of carbon dioxide de-limed pelt or pelts limed in acidic conditions with oxidizing agents. Meteobate AC is extremely useful when de-liming, bating, pickling and chrome tanning are to be carried out in the same drum. This saves operational cost considerably. Meteobate AC provides increased pliability, tight but smooth grain and uniformity in dyeing. Meteobate AC is a ready –to-use formulation of enzyme and other ingredients for high-performance leather bating, giving an open, smooth silky, smooth texture and elastic grain and slippery grain. Meteobate AC also opens the collagen structure giving uniform leather bating.