Meteohairzyme (Alkaline Protease)

    Meteohairzyme is a bacterial alkaline protease enzyme produced by a selected strain of Bacillus species. The enzyme will hydrolyse proteins to short-chained peptide. Meteohairzyme is a versatile leather un-hairing enzyme for hides and skin.Meteohairzyme is a bacterial alkaline protease leather un-hairing enzyme to be used in leather beam house processes Meteohairzyme effectively attacks the outermost sheath of the hair bulb resulting in better depilation, thereby produces flat leather without wrinkles and growth marks. It also removes connective tissue protein, thus loosening flesh and adipose tissue stuck to hides. The alkaline protease enzymes present in Meteohairzyme removes unwanted protein material like albumin and mucin, without damaging the collagen. The ready to use formulation of enzymes and other ingredients given high -performance un-hairing, giving smooth grain, flat growth marks and assists in easy removal of hair and scud in the subsequent processes. It also reduces chemical consumption and water effluent problems. Wetting agents and detergents can be avoided while using this formulated product.